Hi Cynthia & Brian,

Thought I would drop you a note and a couple of pictures of Sinister -- he's doing GREAT and very much the picture of health. He is also the Undisputed Master of this household. He continues to pour out his affection to us and he is such a kind and gentle Spirit. We love him very much and often thank our lucky stars that you and Brian allowed us to be his secondary parents. We hope that all is going well with you and Brian and we keep up with you indirectly by occasionally looking at Pandora's Cats web site.


Tom and Judy Patterson
(9 July 2017)



Thank YOU for raising such amazing kitties! He is truly purrfect in every way. Follows me everywhere chatting with me and moves right in to snuggle mode
when I sit down.
The work you do to get them socialized really shows and he seems soooo happy.

Do you recommend a specific chew toy for teething?
I'm trying to get him interested in chewing the banana but he's not too keen on it.

Tricia, Lexington, KY
(2 May 2017)



This is Thom Hastings, a little up date on Salem.
He is doing great. He had his wellness check up was in great shape.
The vet and everyone thought he is just something. He is still eating really good.
He weighed 5 pounds!
He is very smart and loving. He loves to play fetch, in fact he will just out of the clear blue bring his fetch toy to you to play.
He is just a handsome little boy and a great addition to our family.
I hope all is well for you and your family. We are so happy with Salem, just so glad we found you. You did a great job

Thom H
(27 January 2017)



Merry Christmas to all of you!
Salem is doing great, eating both foods, drinking and using litter box.
He is really busy, you guys did a great job with him.
My child and girl friend were here last night,
he was ok with them holding and petting him. He is just perfect!
We are so glad we have him, he is in a good loving home.
Have a great day.

Thom H
(December 2016)